Who we are ..

Badinson Security Services is a comprehensive security solutions provider that leverages intelligent security solutions supported by civilized guards with its global security technology partnerships; we have been able to secure the trust of residential, commercial, government, and industrial customers throughout Nigeria and beyond.

We understand the strategic relevance that security holds in the development of any nation.

As a result, we have forged technology partnership across the world with a well-trained security team; we are very capable to take on the morphing threats of today’s local and global security issues ensuring our clientele feels peace and safety at all times.


  • Membership of leading Nigeria security industry associations
  • Employment to over hundreds of employees across Nigeria security firm to achieve ISO certification
  • Leading supplier of advanced security products such as the under-vehicle surveillance system among others
  • Security firm with certification in health and safety, let’s discuss your brief and how we can bring in amazing value.

Our Core Values

 To provide tailored security solutions for our clientele base
• To aspire for market excellence and remain competitive always.
• To deploy advanced technology security solutions to our public and private clients.
• To evolve alongside the changing daily threats with skilled manpower matched with innovative security products, architecture and platforms.
• To ensure that our technology security solutions can be easily integrated to solve any security problem.
• To provide not just remuneration but also target the welfare and personal growth of our team.
• To do whatever it takes to make our client happy.

…Is to keep offering and supporting our clients with reliable

and advanced security technological solutions and skilled manpower

to assist them in staying safe and maintaining a peaceful environment.

…To be the leading comprehensive security solutions provider for the Nigeria market.